Pragmatism and Progressivism

The Pragmatist tenet based on the scientific method had a significant impact in my life.  I worked in the research and development industry where problems are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  While I had no idea back then as to what philosophical background the method came from, its principles were one of the guiding light in how I would execute the work I had.

In terms of my education, I was also exposed to a lot of experimentation in college.  There were a lot of machine problems that we needed to solve and tests that must be completed for specific subject of study.  All these, however, happened when I was already in college.  During primary and secondary school there were no noticeable emphasis on this philosophy aside from the very occasional experiments in science.

Progressivism is slowly becoming an influence in early childhood education.  While it was almost a non-existent philosophy of influence in the early decades of Philippine education after our freedom from colonization, it has now become a philosophy sought after by parents when choosing the private educational institution to enroll their child in.  The student-centered focus of these schools are more favored than the traditional Essentialist notion.

On the other hand, public schools were also brought into the light of this philosophy due to the required shift provided for in the K to 12 program.  With the new law, it has been explicitly ordered that learning should be student-centered and teachers should assume the role of facilitator instead of masters of knowledge.

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